The Journey by Jel

Everything is a journey,

a circle of life, I’m told.

Everyone has their ups and downs,

Not all that glitters is gold.

The winds may guide you to freedom,

Or leave you stranded in the streets.

The stranger you dismissed today

May be a soul you’re meant to meet.

And in the time you’re given,

How will you choose to live?

For in my space, and in my time,

I will always choose to give.


3 thoughts on “The Journey by Jel”

  1. Nice words here. Nice blog too.
    Curious as to why you’ve called your blog Sol and Serendipity as you can see I’m Serendipity Sol and yes I’m a Queen 💜 😊
    My first name is Solange.

    1. Awwww I love your blog name too!! I love the energy of the sun and strongly believe in the magic of serendipity. I also wanted to use “Sol” as a play on the word soul, which I draw from when putting my thoughts into this blog. Thanks for stopping by♥️

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