A few years ago my immediate family was hit with a deeply personal tragedy. We each chose to heal in our own way, and have found whatever suited us best. Mental health isn’t something normally discussed in many Asian cultures, and it definitely wasn’t discussed with my family growing up. Within the Filipino culture, discussing your own current mental health was something that’s often inherently replied with “Get over it”, “Just pray” or “People will think you’re crazy”. I have heard all of the above, multiple times. To discuss your own mental state or mental health in general, was to be shamed. I have chosen to break free of that stigma, to adopt a more accepting view, and next thing you know, Sol and Serendipity was born.

I felt that along with my faith (I am STILL a practicing Catholic after all), I needed to explore another modality and learned to accept the metaphysical realm of healing. This was born out of a will and need to take control of my own mental health and overall happiness. As a nurse and mother, I’ve always embraced keeping my own wellness, as well as my own family’s, as holistic as possible.

I’ve come to learn that crystals have the vibrational energy to complement other western/ medical therapies, as well as the ability to support a person’s own wellbeing. As gifts that come from Mother Earth, crystals are rocks and minerals that naturally emit a life force that can resonate with what your body is currently in need of. By keeping a crystal close, wearing it, or with meditation, crystals can help one to manifest their purest of intentions. I chose to learn and heal with the gentle energy crystals give and provide, or as many rock hounds will happily tell you, the stones and crystals chose me.

The intimate act of healing is such a personal and emotional journey for everyone. No matter what modality you choose, whether it be faith and religion based, or through the beauty of Mama Nature’s crystal gifts, may your own journey be blessed with self compassion, love, and hope. Together, let’s nurture the holistic intuitive within.

***Medical Disclaimer: the information I provide here has not been cleared by the FDA. All contents within this site are my own opinion, and are not meant to cure, diagnose, or replace medical treatments. Please see your primary physician, or call 911 for any medical advice or emergencies.

God bless and Be well,



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